• Industry: Healthcare
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2/16/2011
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Certification REKOLE® 

Clear Advantages thanks to Certification REKOLE®


According to REKOLE, certification of your cost accounting can create significant added value:

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  • A cost accounting seal of quality and transparency; audited by an independent authority.
  • A substantially strengthened position during negotiations with your business partners. Due to the certification, your allocation of resources is transparent, comparable and confirmed by a third party.
  • Your hospital’s cost accounting data is validated by an experienced and professional partner. This improves the informative value of hospitals’ cost comparisons (DRG-) structures. 
  • Increased data reliability per case contributes to a significant improvement of national routine data (e.g. BfS - Hospital Statistics or SwissDRG data for the calculation of relative weight). This aids the hospital to strengthen its position on a national level.
  • Due to the assignment of cost accounting specialists, we can shed some light on potential room for improvement and development.


Learn more about Certification REKOLE from our brochure or call us at your earliest convenience.


Publication in German.



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New financing models and the increasing cost pressure are challenging the healthcare sector today. In parallel they have to ensure long lasting service capability.

Publication: Certification REKOLE® in French

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