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  • Date: 11/15/2013

iCircle - Autumn Edition 2013 

Are Swiss insurers open-minded when it comes to new perspectives or ideas? Advancement and innovation will prove inevitable in a country like Switzerland with one of the highest penetration rates worldwide.
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Other industries, markets and countries set a good example to our insurers; however, the Swiss insurance industry's widespread online activities and innovative product offerings show that it has realized that change is imminent.


There will be a shift, not only in regard to products and technologies but also in terms of clients. Today, top insurers put their clients at the center of their attention. This approach in all of the company's services helps them develop characteristics that in turn make them better prepared to survive heavy turbulences. Have a look at the current issue to find out what these characteristics are.


In addition, we again look beyond the Swiss border to China, one of the most promising insurance industries in the Asia Pacific region. Due to recently relaxed regulatory policies for foreign players and the fact that Chinese insurers are too unwieldy to react to client needs in a timely fashion, China could soon become a very interesting market for Swiss insurers.


You will find these and other inspiring topics such as IFRS 4 Phase II or "BEPS" in our Autumn edition.


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