• Industry: Healthcare
  • Date: 4/30/2013

Healthcare News April 2013 

The requirements of principal (canton) and financer (e.g. banks) for the revision of the annual financial statement of hospitals have become more complex. In addition, many hospitals are still busy with the conversion to Swiss GAAP FER, which shows the true and fair value of their assets and revenues. In order to protect sensitive patient data, an effective information protection management needs to be installed. KPMG offers support with both, conception and certification of data security systems. The Central Office for Medicinal Tariffs (CMT) and some cantons put pressure on hospitals more extensively to accomplish the REKOLE® certification. A cost accounting gap analysis can be a very helpful first step. At times when big projects are waiting to be dealt with and internal resources are entirely absorbed by daily business, an external project leader or coach with technical skills and the ability to give advice in challenging situations is in demand.
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New financing models and the increasing cost pressure are challenging the healthcare sector today. In parallel they have to ensure long lasting service capability.