• Service: Tax, Global Transfer Pricing Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 7/19/2013

Transfer Pricing: A Permanent Issue Pragmatically Addressed 

Transfer Pricing topics keep you busy almost every day. KPMG's Global Transfer Pricing Team offers you a lean and tailor-made approach to your individual transfer Pricing issues.
Cover Transfer Pricing: A Permanent Issue Pragmatically Addressed
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Certainly, some issues are to be dealt with case by case and occasionally but the waste majority of the issues asking for your attention and resources should be managed with minimum recurring efforts and without too much initial investment of time and money.


There are hence four areas that ask for your continuous attention:

  • A reasonable design and set-up of the intercompany relations and transactions
  • Good paperwork such as intercompany agreements to govern, implement and translate and last but not least document these relations
  • The recuring preparation of virtual transfer pricing documentation reports
  • Effective monitoring of the transfer pricing for risk management purposes.