• Service: Advisory, Consulting, Supply Chain Management & Procurement
  • Date: 7/15/2014

Sourcing Governance 2030 

Sourcing Governance is generally considered to be the responsible management and controlling of the external value chain and therefore focuses on the entire external supply chain of a company. This is associated with the acceptance of the responsibility for the proper and value-creating legal, economic, ethical and ecological actions of every supplier and pre-supplier.
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We sought answers to the following questions in the framework of this study:


  • How do companies assess the relevance of sourcing governance with respect to the year 2030?
  • What role does the approach play with regard to dealing with megatrends and the demands for transformation in the coming years?
  • What do the best practices in the external value chain and sourcing governance look like?
  • Where will the greatest need for action be in the coming years?

Supply Chain Management & Procurement

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With the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of the world economy, more adaptable and agile value chains are becoming a critical factor for long-term success.