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TaxOne – Simplify the management of your tax processes 

Over the past few years, the requirements on tax and accounting departments have increased enormously. Tax calculations and data must be provided in good time, reliably and with a high level of detail. The requirements arise from budgeting, simulations for restructuring and the tax risk reporting - in other words, from the internal environment.

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The TaxOne modules – flexible and powerful



The “Reporter” module simplifies the level of complexity concerning the various calculations for current and deferred taxes in line with local GAAPs and international financial accounting standards. This means that your reporting duties are comprehensively fulfilled in one step.


Transfer Pricing Data Manager

The “Transfer Pricing Data Manager” module enables you to create a meaningful transfer pricing documentation. A sophisticated user authorisation concept ensures seamless communication between other company units and the tax department.



The “Planner” module allows you to create analyses of future tax burdens at the single entity and holding level. Planning periods can be freely defined. The key drivers behind your tax rate are revealed. As a result, tax risk factors can be identified early and the effects of tax structuring can be easily simulated.


Risk Manager

The “Risk Manager” module serves to calculate, depict and monitor tax risk positions. Your tax risk management becomes more efficient and transparent.


Contract Manager

The “Contract Manager” module creates transparency with regard to the current portfolio of all of your company‘s contractual relationships and the obligations deriving from these. The system maps your processes, guidelines and documentation relating to contracts, thus bolstering your internal control system.


Hartwig Hoffmann

Hartwig Hoffmann

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Tax Management Consulting

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Our Tax Management Consulting will review your tax situation and give you advice about tax reporting in accordance with HGB / IFRS and US-GAAP.

Tax Technology

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To improve efficiency, tax technology solutions help streamline processes, strengthen controls and provide a transparent way to effectively manage complex tax requirements.