• Service: Advisory, Consulting, Forensic
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Case study, Survey report
  • Date: 3/12/2013

Economic Crime Study Switzerland, Germany, Austria 

Economic crimes cause great damage in Swiss companies by an average of around CHF 360,000. While theft and embezzlement in Swiss SMEs cause the highest costs, data theft and data breaches concerns especially large companies. This is an extensive study conducted by KPMG on economic crime in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. A special emphasis was placed on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). A total of around 500 SMEs and 93 large companies were interviewed.
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Some results:


  • Major losses due to theft and embezzlement
  • Large companies underestimate corruption and money laundering
  • For SMEs, the perpetrators mostly come from outside
  • Lack of awareness of wrongdoing favors economic crimes


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