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  • Date: 3/27/2012

Accelerating Innovation: The Power of the Crowd 

Global lessons in eHealth implementation


Technology’s ability to transform healthcare is undeniable. While, some eHealth projects have ultimately been successful, more often they have lost momentum after the pilot phase, collapsed under their own complexity, or become irredeemable thanks to spiraling implementation costs.

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"Accelerating Innovation - The Power of the Crowd" is an essential read for healthcare leaders in pursuit of the transformational benefits of implementing sustainable eHealth programs. This report highlights our global expertise as well as the challenges and successes reported by 39 top executives from 15 countries in Europe, AsPac, and the Americas. It is our observation, that a successful and efficient eHealth system will be facilitated around three concepts:


  • For eHealth programs to become sustainable, they must reach critical mass – “crowd accelerated innovation”


  • Sustaining the eHealth transformation requires everyone in the health system to work together to achieve results – “collaborative alignment”


  • Due to eHealth’s transformative nature “creative dislocation” is essential. Stakeholders must be prepared for new methods that will make many legacy processes and approaches redundant.


The report adds to the global dialogue and offers you quick insight into; common bottlenecks, a self diagnostic test and a sustainability barometer.


To learn more, or to discuss how eHealth projects move from pilot to sustainability to transformation, please contact Michael Herzog or André Zemp.




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