• Service: Financial Services, Regulatory Services
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 11/21/2013

Acquisition of licenses 

Authorization process for the acquisition of banks and securities dealer license

The preparation of an application for authorization for banks and securities dealers, branches and representative offices of foreign banks, securities traders and asset managers requires comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the banking industry in Switzerland.

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Regulatory requirements are increasingly added that also affect the minimum requirements for the application for authorization.


Our interdisciplinary team can assist you from the planning phase through to authorization, either as advisory specialists or as your authorization auditor. In particular, the following topics will be addressed during the authorization process:


  • Adequacy of organization, articles of association, partnership agreements and regulations
  • Effective internal control system
  • Integration of internal audit, compliance and risk control
  • Measures to comply with the agreement on due diligence
  • Organizational implementation of market conduct rules