Competition Law 

It is a central issue for enterprises to comply with competition law. A violation of competition law may lead to sanctions of up to ten percent of the cumulative turnover of the last three business years. Make sure that your business relations are in accordance with the competition Act.

You can rely on our interdisciplinary team to respond to your questions on competition law. We consider legal and economic aspects of the facts of a case and know the markets, the agencies and the procedures.

Among our clients are local, national and international enterprises. For efficient work you can count on the extensive industry knowledge of our competition law specialists who have comprehensive practical experience and can call on the international KPMG network where required.


We practice in the following areas:

Representation of and accompanying clients before all administrative and judicial instances in

  •  Procedures for the assessment of concentrations of enterprises;
  • Procedures for the investigation of agreements that might affect competition;
  • Procedures on the investigation of practices of market dominant enterprises;
  • Appeals against decisions of the competition authorities and against sanctions;

Consultation on compliance programs

    • Analysis of company structures and processes for compliance gaps;
    • Planning and implementation of compliance programs;
    • Drafting, analyzing and revision of rules and regulations;
    • Workshops on various topics regarding antitrust law

Prevention and minimizing of risks from competition regulation

    • Analysis of markets and competition situations;
    • Assessments of horizontal and vertical business relations;
    • Drafting, analyzing and updating of contracts (for example distribution- and cooperation-agreements);

Jörg A. Kilchmann

Jörg A. Kilchmann

Partner, Attorney-at-Law, LL.M.

+41 58 249 35 73

Felix Schraner

Felix Schraner

Senior Manager, Attorney-at-Law

+41 58 249 63 24

  • Competition Law