Financial Services 

The market environment for companies within the financial services sector is complex. The challenges are diverse and demanding and require a comprehensive approach for the various aspects.
Focus must be placed on issues covering tax and company law, technological developments and extensive regulatory requirements such as conversion to IFRS or the requirements of Basel III, FATCA, the Dodd-Frank Act or AIFMD. In order to survive in today’s market, financial service providers face ever increasing pressures. How are you able to approach such challenges?

KPMG has extensive knowledge and vast experience in both auditing and advising banks, insurers, collective investments and fund companies as well as other financial intermediaries. Together with our interdisciplinary approach, we are able to properly identify the necessary areas of emphases and can offer customized solutions when supporting clients.

Within the Financial Services sector, know-how in the areas of banking, insurance and investment management have been built up on an international basis. KPMG maintains over 100,000 qualified employees worldwide and we are present in the most important international financial centers.KPMG – Your #1 Partner for Financial Services!


For over 100 years, KPMG has served as your Partner for financial and regulatory audits. Our experience, allows us to assist your firm with the practical implementation of the continuously increasing regulatory and accounting challenges. Our goal is to provide you with simple, innovative solutions to complex issues.

Investment Management

Investor trust in collective investment schemes is once again on the rise. Market developments are increasingly determined by international trends that correspondingly affect the Swiss market. The regulatory side of investment management, in particular, is taking on clear contours and exercising a great deal of influence on the market through more rigid regulatory practices. Changes in the regulatory area represent a great challenge for the industry but also offer significant chances.


The financial crisis has also left its mark on the insurance industry. In comparison with banks, insurers generally managed their businesses well despite the crisis and, with few exceptions, their existence was never seriously threatened. Changes within the market and regulatory areas remain a challenge for the industry – but they also represent chances. What can new and established insurers do in order to come out as winners in an economic and regulatory environment that is increasingly difficult? What are the focal points for insurers?

Philipp Rickert

Philipp Rickert

Partner, Head of Financial Services

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Regulatory Competence Center

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Our team of qualified financial professionals offers you a wide range of services as well as support with the application and interpretation of regulatory requirements.

IFRS for Financial Services

The KPMG IFRS Financial Services Group is a dedicated team of professionals with profound financial services experience.

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