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Globalization is keeping demand for transportation services high. The tapping of new markets as well as the ongoing deregulation and privatization of markets and institutions previously owned or run by the government are offering the providers of logistics services enormous opportunities to expand their operations. At the same time, demand for individual mobility continues unabated – and this forms the basis for further growth both in the aviation industry as well as public transportation.

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From a global perspective, the logistics industry is back on track toward growth after the financial crisis, a fact also reflected in rising passenger numbers and increasing cargo volumes.

Demand for local public transportation remained stable even during the financial crisis. The industry’s great challenge lies in how to manage future growth on a nearly fully-utilized infrastructure.

Public private partnerships are also gaining ground in Switzerland. New collaboration and funding models between the government and private enterprises for the provision and operation of public infrastructure are becoming increasingly important.


What challenges are they faced with?


  • Reliability in the procurement of raw materials (hedging against price fluctuations during the procurement process)
  • Minimization of the financial impact of exchange rate fluctuations
  • Managing risks when expanding into new markets
  • Improvement in working capital management
  • Compliance with increasing regulatory requirements in a wide variety of areas (e.g. customs or climate/environmental protection)


How can KPMG help you?


  • We help you work out every aspect of procurement strategies up to and including mapping for accounting purposes.
  • KPMG analyzes your initial situation and helps you work out hedging strategies.
  • We help you identify risks at every stage up to the implementation of risk management systems. Whether support is required with the identification of potential targets, transactions or compliance issues – we know the new markets.
  • KPMG analyzes your initial situation and helps you draw up measures to optimize your working capital management.
  • We help you with issues related to customs declarations and in the area of value added taxes.
  • We show you the opportunities and risks involved in ongoing political discussions on climate and environmental protection, compare your enterprise with competitors (benchmarking) and also guide you during the implementation of best-practice approaches.

Marc Ziegler

Marc Ziegler

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