The importance of the Swiss automotive industry tends to be underestimated. However, the products of Swiss know-how and automotive engineering capabilities are integrated into nearly every vehicle that is manufactured for the world market.
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What are the challenges?


The challenges for the Swiss automotive industry, particularly as a traditional exporter and supplier, are considerable. The optimal price-performance ratio must be ensured at all times and at the highest standards. Specific challenges include:

  • Price pressure at the highest quality level and great advance payments
  • Shifting markets and manufacturing flexibilization
  • Scarcity of resources and energy
  • Technological contributions to sustainability and reducing consumption/the "green revolution”
  • Capacity planning for cyclical sales and increasing mobility needs


How can KPMG help?


Even if Switzerland does not have a traditional OEM1, it does have a multifaceted supply industry as well as numerous companies in the areas of machine and plant construction and tool engineering that provide products to the international car industry. Many of these enterprises are highly innovative, have positioned themselves successfully over the years in growing segments and are among the worldwide technology leaders.

KPMG is a reliable partner in the automotive industry thanks to a global network and worldwide project experience. KPMG has specialist knowledge in several areas, including:

  • Tax sufficient supply chain management
  • Treasury and working capital management
  • Business intelligence and management information systems
  • Location strategy and legal entity management
  • Research and development as well as product life cycle cost management
  • Development of distribution channels

Herbert Bussmann

Herbert Bussmann

Partner Audit, Sector Head Automotive, Switzerland

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KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey 2015
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