At the end of the day, we want more than satisfied clients. That is why those performing exceptionally ought also to be appropriately remunerated and supported. KPMG offers its employees a range of monetary and non-monetary benefits.
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Training and Education

People development and in this context training and education have top priority at KPMG. We support our employees attending external training and educational courses both financially and by granting them time off work. Moreover we have a broad range of internal training programs.



KPMG employees enjoy 25 to 30 days of vacation each year. Depending on their management level, managerial staff receive an additional four to six days off (“Kadertage”).


Flexible Working Hours

Our working hours model envisages a 41-hour working week for full-time employees. Working hours are arranged flexibly in consultation with the line manager bearing a high degree of personal responsibility. Part-time work is generally possible and working from home (home office) is also supported where the operational situation permits this.


Salary and Bonus

You will encounter a performance-oriented culture at KPMG. Top performances are rewarded appropriately – with promotions and fair bonus payments. Senior managers are paid a performance-based bonus in addition to their annual salary if the financial result of a financial year permits this.


Pension Fund

Our pension fund offers generous risk benefits and flexible saving plans. There is no coordination deduction but instead the entire salary (fixed excluding bonus) is insured. In case of disability or death, benefits are paid out that are well above the mandatory BVG pension. To find out more click here.



KPMG assumes all business-related expenses, e.g. for trips, overnight stays and catering. Permanent employees receive a personal Half-Fare travelcard. Employees not deployed externally are paid a flat-rate sum as meal compensation.



All employees are insured collectively for daily sickness benefits. In the event of inability to work due to illness or accident continued salary payments amount to up to 24 months. All employees are also insured globally and privately against occupational and non-occupational accidents. KPMG bears all premiums for daily sickness benefits and accident insurance.


And on Top of All This…

As well as the above-mentioned benefits KPMG also offers a large number of further discounts and additional benefits. Depending on your function you will receive a mobile phone, Smartphone or BlackBerry free of charge. Furthermore, employees can benefit from fleet discounts, the Familyservice, free beverages, discounts on fitness subscriptions, dry-cleaning and much more.