Application process 

We understand that applying is a big undertaking. This is why it is important to us that you feel comfortable during the application process. If you apply online, your data is directly transmitted to the relevant HR contact, which noticeably accelerates the entire application process.

In order to take a well-founded decision on a candidate, we would like to gain a comprehensive impression of your capabilities, qualifications and personality. This is why we need some time to carefully check each application. Nevertheless: We will get get back to you with an initial feedback on your application within three days at the latest.

First interview

After a careful examination of your application documents and a positive assessment, we will invite you to a personal job interview. At this interview, an HR representative and a representative of the department concerned will be present. The interview's focus will be on your person, individual sections of your CV and questions in regard to your expertise. Naturally, we also want to know why you are interested in this particular position and in KPMG as an employer. This is also your opportunity to clear up any questions you have in regard to KPMG, your career options, tasks and your future team.

Additional interviews

As a rule, a second interview will be organized. In this second interview, we tend to discuss the technical side in more detail and clarify open questions from the first interview. We want to know why you are interested in the position at hand and what skills and experience you have that qualify you for it. We would be happy to also introduce you to additional team members. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.

Reference validation


In Switzerland, it is usual to obtain information from at least one reference before a post is offered to a candidate. This is about confirming our positive impression by an external person.
To this end, we will hand you a reference form to complete. In it, you will be asked to specify the contact details of two of your former line managers. Please inform these persons in advance that we will contact them by phone.


Our offer


If we are convinced that you are the right candidate, we will make you an offer. We would then be pleased if you accepted it and look forward to a fruitful cooperation in the future.


Travel expenses

We will reimburse your travel expenses in the equivalent amount of a second class train ticket. We would also contribute to any flight costs (economy class). Please ask for a reimbursement form immediately before or after the interviews.



Do you have any questions? Get in contact with us.

Open positions

Here you can find current job opportunities.


Do you have any questions? Get in contact with us.