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How do I apply at KPMG?
Please use our online application form to apply. Then attach to the form your CV, cover letter and diplomas that are tailored to the position. Highlight in your CV why your profile ideally matches the open position. A personal and well-written cover letter will give your application that extra individual note to stand out. Also, include complete and meaningful enclosures such as certificates and diplomas.

What do I do if I am interested in several open positions?
Please apply online to one position only and then mention in your cover letter, which locations and/or functions you are also interested in. We will then check your application against all locations and positions you have indicated.


How can I withdraw my application if I have changed my mind in the meantime?
You may withdraw your application at any time. If you would like to do so, please inform the contact person mentioned in the job ad.


How can I attach additional documents to my application?
You may attach and upload up to four documents in one of the common formats, such as .pdf, .doc, .jpg, .xls etc. Each of the four attachments may be up to 5MB in size. If your files are larger than that, please only attach your CV at this stage. We will then ask for additional document at a later stage.



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