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KPMG in Central & Eastern Europe is a sub region within the KPMG global network of legally independent firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. Within our region we have nearly 5,000 professionals working together to deliver value. More...



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Advertising, Entertainment, FMCG, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Transport, Tourism, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Automotive… Do you puzzle over which of these sectors will give you the best career start? Choose KPMG and work for all of them.


Renew relationships with old friends and colleagues and find out how we support our alumni in many countries.


Data & Analytics

Today’s organizations aren’t just looking for data precision, they also want data relevance.

Global perspective on clinical governance

This report examines leading practices in safety and quality assurance, governance and measurement from some best-in-class healthcare providers.

Global profiles of the fraudster: White-collar crime – present and future

KPMG analysis of 596 fraudsters member firms investigated and the constantly changing nature of fraud and the fraudster.

Frontiers in Finance

Frontiers in Finance
The focus of the newest issue of Frontiers in Finance is on navigating change and transformation. Here we address the complex financial services landscape and some of the principal transformation issues senior executives are struggling with today.

Tax rates online

Tax rates online
The online rates tool helps compare corporate, indirect & individual income tax rates within a country or a tax type across multiple countries.