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Sustainable Forestry Initiative® ( SFI ® ) Certification 

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative standard is a globally recognized North American sustainable forest management standard.  It is overseen by SFI Inc., an independent charitable organization whose Board of Directors represent a balance of environmental, social and economic interests.

KPMG provides a range of services to companies seeking SFI third party certification, including:

  • Pre-audit assessments, which are often used as a starting point by organizations that are considering certification to identify gaps between existing management systems and the standard under consideration.
  • Training Services for company executives, management and staff to provide employees with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement and audit a system that conforms to the requirements of SFI or other major standards.
  • Third party certification audit services to communicate your commitment of sustainable forest management to your stakeholders. We audit your system for compliance with the standard and, through the use of scheduled surveillance audits, we continue to work with you to constantly review and improve your sustainable forest management practices.


KPMG also offers clients the option for an integrated audit using any combination of the major forest management and environmental standards currently available. Forest companies can also use one Integrated Management System to manage environmental, quality, and health and safety risks in both their woodlands and mills.

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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

A New Vision of Value


A New Vision of Value

As economic, social and environmental mega forces transform the operating landscape for business, the disconnect between corporate and societal value creation is disappearing. New regulations, growing stakeholder influence and changing market dynamics are driving the internalization of business externalities at an increasing rate. Externalities are now part of every company's value creation story.


A New Vision of Value [PDF 6.49Mb] is the follow-up to KPMG International's 2012 report Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world.


Spotlight on corporate transparency: Insights from GLOBE 2014


In March 2014, more than 1,800 delegates from 45 countries convened in Vancouver, Canada for North America's largest sustainable business summit, GLOBE 2014.


On September 9, 2014, GRI North America and KPMG in Canada will release a paper capturing the perspective of surveyed participants on corporate transparency - why it matters, what are the drivers and the impact it has on businesses today and in the future.


Overall, the respondents recognize the value of corporate transparency and the importance of government, securities regulators, and the C-Suite in driving improved corporate sustainability strategies, and business performance. Based on this analysis, key findings include: