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Deciding on an IPO 

Why go public?


Your decision to go for an initial public offering should follow from your longer-term strategic objectives — seeking opportunities for growth, value creation, or an exit strategy.


It's a big decision. You will need to have a clear understanding of the IPO process and assess the impact it will have on you and your company.

Are you ready? Conduct an IPO readiness assessment


You must step back and evaluate your company and its future potential from an investor's perspective. Public companies that are successful invite investor confidence, have the "right stuff" and structure to provide for profitable growth, and have a solid core business to generate shareholder value over the longer term.


Are the markets ready for you?


Assess how the markets will receive the IPO. The timing of the initial public offering is critical. Timing decisions depend on economic factors, market conditions, and pricing considerations—right up to the day the securities are offered for sale. Your underwriters will play a vital role in advising you on market readiness.


Assess the impact on your company


Before going public, assess the impact that this change will have on you and your company's infrastructure, and decide whether you are ready to make the necessary commitment-before, during, and after the IPO process.


Make your decision.


Read the next stage in our step-by-step IPO guide: Preparing for an IPO.


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Going Public


A Guide to Going public [PDF 1.83MB] highlights the process of going public, including your role and those of your executives and external advisers. 

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