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Complex Interactions 

In Canada and worldwide, complex new tax rules and reporting requirements are emerging almost daily and tax decisions are under more scrutiny than ever before.


Keeping ahead of change—and shaping it to your business advantage—requires professionals who know the ropes and how to resolve potential problems effectively before they become roadblocks. Below we profile some of our leading tax professionals and the types of complex interactions they can help you manage.


Tax Risk Management and Governance
  • Developing tax risk policy and governance that balances the need to create value from the tax function with managing tax risks responsibly
  • Establishing a first-rate tax function modelled on best practices of leading organizations
  • Analyzing, implementing, and maintaining effective tax systems and controls
  • Understanding and preparing for the CRA's new risk-based audit approach.


Visit Managing Tax Risk and Driving Tax Performance for more information.


Greg Weibe
Greg Wiebe

Tax Controversy and Dispute Management

Tax authority relations

  • Anticipating and proactively managing potential tax controversy areas
  • Engaging effectively with tax authorities through collaborative relationships and knowledgeable interactions
  • Helping to minimize delays and maximize tax certainty at audit, objection, and appeal stages
  • Addressing global tax controversy tactically and strategically.


Paul Lynch
Paul Lynch

Tax legal support

  • Advising on proposed reassessments by the CRA
  • Preparing submissions to the CRA at both the audit and appeal levels of dispute
  • Preparing Notices of Objection to comply with the provisions of the Income Tax Act
  • Preparing appeals to the Tax Court of Canada
  • Negotiating settlements with the CRA and the Department of Justice
  • Appearing before the Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court of Canada, and the Supreme Court of Canada.


Brian Carr
Brian Carr

Transfer Pricing

  • Achieving tax-effective global income allocation for multinational operations
  • Negotiating bilateral and multilateral advance pricing arrangements
  • Preparing competent authority filings and negotiating double taxation issues
  • Achieving tax-efficient supply chain management
  • Preparing transfer pricing studies and contemporaneous transfer pricing documentation in compliance with Canadian and relevant foreign tax law.


Michael Glaser
Michael Glaser


Government Relations

  • Engaging with senior government officials to raise issues and resolve problems
  • Participating in consultations and making submissions on tax proposals and draft legislation
  • Ensuring all perspectives are appropriately considered in tax policy debate.
Brian Mustard
Brian Mustard