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Wealth, Succession and Estate Planning 

Helping you build a succession plan for your business


You’ve worked hard to build your private company and make it a success. Now, as you look to the future, you want it to remain in good hands.

Wealth, Succession and Estate Planning

It’s important that your personal wealth be maintained and passed on to future generations. Consider these questions:


  • At what age will your children be able to access your wealth?
  • Should you establish controls or restrictions for certain periods of time?
  • Do you know who will run your business on your retirement?


Transfer of wealth

You can see why it is important to create a thorough estate plan for the transfer of wealth to your heirs and a succession plan for your private company, particularly if your children are involved in the business.


High net worth individuals who do not have an estate plan can risk a significant reduction of estate assets by income taxes, probate fees, and other related costs.

A sound plan

When planning for the intergenerational transfer of wealth, tax professionals should help you manage your current tax situation through, for example, income or capital gains splitting (where possible), and fulfill your tax reporting requirements on time and cost-effectively. 


Working with you, we can develop and implement sound financial and taxation plans to enhance personal and family wealth while preserving estates for succession, so you can be confident in the financial well-being of your heirs.

As the owner of a private company, you can benefit from a review of your succession plan, especially if your child or children are involved in the business. Your tax professional should help you establish a thorough succession plan that can help you manage the transition to the next generation.


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Deborah A. MacPherson

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