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Cervus Financial Group Inc. 

Cervus Financial Group Inc.(now CFG Holdings Inc.) and CMB I GP Limited and CMB I Limited Partnership


On June 8, 2006, KPMG Inc. was appointed Monitor of Cervus Financial Group Inc. and certain of its subsidiaries. On April 19, 2007, KPMG Inc. was appointed Liquidator of CFG Holdings Inc. On August 30, 2007, KPMG Inc. was appointed Receiver of CMB I GP Limited and CMB I Limited Partnership.

Press Releases

Press Release [PDF 133KB] June 8, 2006
Press Release [PDF 123KB] June 16, 2006
Press Release [PDF 183KB] July 10, 2006



Court Documents

Initial Order [PDF 1.6MB] June 8, 2006
Sale Approval Process Order [PDF 500KB] June 8, 2006
Affidavit of Peter Williams [PDF 20MB] June 8, 2006
Notice of Application [PDF 190KB] June 8, 2006
Endorsement [PDF 78KB] June 8, 2006
Purchase and Sale Agreement [PDF 2.8MB] June 8, 2006
Commitment for Financing During CCAA Proceedings [PDF 580KB] June 8, 2006
RBC Commitment Letter [PDF 352KB] June 8, 2006
Order Amending Initial Order [PDF 79KB] June 15, 2006
Approval and Vesting Order [PDF 376KB] June 15, 2006
Endorsement [PDF 45KB] June 15, 2006
Settlement Agreement [PDF 424KB] June 28, 2006
Affidavit of Grant MacKenzie [PDF 324KB] June 28, 2006
Order Approving Settlement [PDF 176KB] June 29, 2006
Endorsement [PDF 60KB] June 29, 2006
Monitor's Vesting Certificate [PDF 105KB] July 6, 2006
Affidavit of Peter Williams [PDF 212KB] July 6, 2006
Order Extending Stay of Proceedings [PDF 88KB] July 7, 2006
Claims Order [PDF 1.3MB] September 6, 2006
Order Amending Initial Order and Extending the Stay of Proceedings [PDF 126KB] September 6, 2006
Order Amending Title of Proceedings [PDF 93KB] September 6, 2006
Motion Record [PDF 4.12MB] October 11, 2006
Order [PDF 96KB] October 13, 2006
Notice of Motion and Affidavit of Peter Williams [PDF 712KB] December 21, 2006
Order [PDF 268KB] December 27, 2006
Endorsement [PDF 80KB] December 27, 2006
Motion Record [PDF 3.5MB] February 22, 2007
Affidavit of Angela Scott [PDF 615KB] February 22, 2007
Order [PDF 105KB] February 27, 2007
Affidavit of Daniel R. Dowdall [PDF 96KB] March 9, 2007
Order [PDF 144KB] March 9, 2007
Motion Record [PDF 914KB] April 13, 2007
Order [PDF 911KB] April 13, 2007
Endorsement [PDF 161KB] April 13, 2007
Motion Record [PDF 2MB] May 25, 2007
Order [PDF 52KB] May 28, 2007
Notice of Motion [PDF 1MB] August 22, 2007
Order [PDF 475KB] August 30, 2007
Order [PDF 475KB] November 29, 2007
Endorsement [PDF 475KB] November 29, 2007
Order [PDF 387KB] March 27, 2008
Order [PDF 1MB] July 24, 2008
Discharge Certificate [PDF 660KB] October 15, 2008



Monitor's Reports

First Report of Monitor [PDF 408KB] June 8, 2006
Supplement to First Report of Monitor [PDF 797KB] June 15, 2006
Second Report of Monitor [PDF 244KB] June 28, 2006
Third Report of Monitor [PDF 316KB] July 5, 2006
Fourth Report of Monitor [PDF 548KB] September 6, 2006
Fifth Report of Monitor [PDF 524KB] October 11, 2006
Sixth Report of Monitor [PDF 400KB] December 22, 2006
Seventh Report of Monitor [PDF 372KB] February 23, 2007
Eighth Report of Monitor [PDF 396KB] April 12, 2007
Ninth Report of Monitor [PDF 369KB] May 25, 2007
Tenth Report of Monitor [PDF 2MB] August 22, 2007
Eleventh Report of the Monitor [PDF 118b] November 26, 2007
Appendix A [PDF 2MB] November 26, 2007
Appendix B [PDF 140KB] November 26, 2007
Appendix C [PDF 170KB] November 26, 2007
Twelfth Report of the Monitor [PDF 220KB] March 20, 2008
Thirteenth Report of the Monitor [PDF 86KB] July 24, 2008


CFG Holdings Inc.
Liquidation and Dissolution Proceedings

Affidavit of Peter Williams [PDF 129KB] April 18, 2007
Notice of Origination [PDF 190KB] April 19, 2007
Order [PDF 154KB] April 19, 2007
Letter to Shareholders [PDF 62KB] April 27, 2007
First Report of Liquidator [PDF 1MB] August 22, 2007
Second Report of Liquidator [PDF 144KB] November 26, 2007
Third Report of Liquidator [PDF 148KB] March 20, 2008
Order [PDF 1.22MB] September 11, 2008
Certificate of Dissolution [PDF 12KB] October 22, 2008


CMB I GP Limited and CMB I Limited Partnership
Receivership Proceedings

Order Re: Appointment of Receiver [PDF 6MB] August 30, 2007
Notice to Creditors [PDF 18KB] August 30 , 2007
Proof of Claim [PDF 33KB] August 30 , 2007
First Report of Receiver [PDF 174KB] November 26, 2007
Appendix 1 [PDF 6MB] November 26, 2007
Appendix 2 [PDF 67KB] November 26, 2007
Second Report of Receiver [PDF 276KB] March 20, 2008
Letter to Limited Partners [PDF 27KB] October 9, 2008


Contact Information
Johnny Chow
(416) 777-3250

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Johnny Chow
Tel: (416) 777-3250