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ASL Direct Inc. 

On November 17, 2008 KPMG Inc. was appointed by the Court of Justice as Receiver and Manager of ASL Direct Inc.


Customer Call for Claims

Customer Letter [PDF 40KB] February 6, 2009
Instructions to Customers [PDF 24KB] February 6, 2009
Proof of Claim [PDF 36KB] February 6, 2009


Court Documents


Court Order [PDF 65KB] May 12 , 2009
Court Order [PDF 636KB] January 29, 2009
Endorsement [PDF 268KB] January 29, 2009
Court Order [PDF 465KB] November 4, 2008


Receiver's Reports


Second Report of the Receiver [PDF 4.08MB] May 5, 2009
First Report of the Receiver [PDF 3MB] January 23, 2009
Notice and Statement of the Receiver [PDF 124KB] November 26, 2008


Notices to Customers


Notice to Customer [PDF 30KB] November 26, 2008


Contact Information

Janine Bradley

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Contact Information

Janine Bradley