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Fraud Risk Management 

Reduce the impacts of fraud and misconduct


Our Fraud Risk Management services help organizations prevent, detect and respond to fraud and misconduct risks. Our services include designing, implementing and evaluating ethics and compliance programs, as well as related anti-fraud programs and controls.

An effective approach to fraud risk management can help companies avoid financial losses flowing from fraud and misconduct, such as:


  • Fines and litigation costs
  • Losses from theft, waste and abuse
  • Loss of valued customers, employees and suppliers
  • Damage to reputation and goodwill
  • Adverse shareholder, media and community relations
  • Detraction of attention and resources from strategic objectives
  • Erosion of market confidence and trust


Please contact Peter Armstrong, Colleen Basden, Stephan Drolet, Victor Duret, Derek Rostant or Kas Rehman for further information.

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A proactive approach to counter the risk of fraud and misconduct.

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