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Operations Improvement 

Information technology (IT) today sets a brisk pace for business growth and change, challenging organizations in every industry to keep up. However, high-speed innovation and obsolescence can create a false sense of urgency, putting pressure on executives to react to the latest technology breakthroughs before the business implications of their decisions are fully understood. The resulting contest between IT capabilities and corporate priorities makes effective technology decisions difficult for any executive team.


KPMG can help strengthen or restore a business-driven focus to technology decisions. Our full range of IT Advisory Services is designed to assist organizations in the creation of business value through better management of technology investments and related risks. Our approach is different in that we do not look for opportunities to install new technologies. We begin with your overall business strategy and start to align IT capabilities with the strategic, financial, and operational objectives of your organization. We can help:


Support the delivery of business as usual IT services

  • IT Asset Management and Contract Compliance
  • IT Governance and Performance
  • Business Systems Advisory
    IT Optimization
  • Records Information Management
  • Security and Privacy Advisory

Better manage IT special projects and programs

  • Business Systems Advisory
  • Infrastructure and Continuity
  • IT Due Diligence
  • IT Project Advisory
  • IT Sourcing Advisory
  • IT Strategy Services 


KPMG’s IT Advisory Services are delivered by high-powered teams of dedicated professionals who have managed and advised on technology in a variety of industries and the public sector. By leveraging KPMG’s proven and consistent global tools and methodologies, our IT Advisory professionals can:

  • Provide valuable advice based on business and technical knowledge, and deep experience with the range of technologies and processes that organizations depend on to conduct business
  • Assist in the performance of specific design, technical, process, and project activities where particular experience can enhance the likelihood of achieving successful results from these activities
  • Assist in identifying and responding to areas of risk and opportunities for improvement
  • Focus on supporting business-driven governance and leveraging of information systems.


Because KPMG is independent of solution vendors, of system integration vendors, and of IT and business process outsourcers, we can offer unbiased advice and assistance to help meet the unique needs of your organization throughout the IT transformation lifecycle.


Combinations to help meet specific needs
Each of KPMG's IT Advisory Services is based on a distinct professional skill set. However, our services are often delivered in strategic combinations with other advisory, tax, and audit skill sets to help meet the demands of a specific business problem or opportunity.