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Insights into Canadian Banking 

In the midst of unprecedented turmoil in our global financial system, our Canadian Banking sector continues to be the beacon of light on the world stage. As Europe continues to struggle and the United States continues to work through the ongoing impact of the financial crisis, our Canadian banks stand tall. Responsible and sound business strategies coupled with strong governance at many of our Canadian banks, continues to navigate our industry through these challenging economic times.

 Insights into Canadian Banking: Second Issue

Data Management for RiskData Management for Risk
With so much riding on effective risk management passing the “business-as-usual” test is becoming a critical part of the regulatory process.
Balancing Finance Imperatives with Strategic ValueBalancing Finance Imperatives with Strategic Value
Better IT Alignment is Key To Driving Value Beyond Compliance.
IT Optimization—a Critical Focus for Canadian BanksIT Optimization—a Critical Focus for Canadian Banks
Effective IT Optimization Improves Efficiencies While Enabling Strategy.
Maximizing Merger ValueMaximizing Merger Value
Enhancing Post-Deal Success in a Global M&A Landscape.
Broadening the Audit PerspectiveBroadening the Audit Perspective
Additional Recommendations Can Help Improve Operational Efficiencies.
Balancing Detail and PerspectiveBalancing Detail and Perspective
The Evolving Role of the board of Directors in the Financial Services Industry.
Are You Ready for Your Close-up With the CRA?Are You Ready for Your Close-up With the CRA?
The CRA is adopting a new risk-based audit program to reflect the tax filings, compliance history and tax governance structure of large corporations.
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Insights into Canadian Banking (Issue 2)

Insights into Canadian Banking (Issue 2)


KPMG Banking Leadership discusses current issues facing Canadian Banks.


Mark L. Smith

Mark L. Smith

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