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  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Date: 3/4/2012

Frontiers in Finance – Forging forward: Financial services in 2012 

The turmoil in the financial services industry shows no sign of abating. The worst dangers of the financial crisis have given way to political and regulatory reaction on perhaps an unprecedented scale. But major uncertainties remain. Banks, insurers, investment managers – all face a future which will be as different as it is currently obscure. The focus of this edition of Frontiers is on what can be done to forge forward in this environment.

    The articles in this issue of Frontiers in Finance review regulatory developments from a number of perspectives; we look at growth prospects in the insurance sector and in the massive but still emerging market of Brazil; operational issues addressed include how to guard against rogue trading and how to implement effective customer remediation when things do go wrong.


    The highlights of this edition include discussions on:


    • Changing regulations
    • Opportunities for growth
    • Managing risk

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