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Efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery have become critical areas of focus for governments around the world as they deal with the challenges of deficit reduction, infrastructure obsolescence and an aging demographic. In Canada these issues must be addressed considering increasing public scrutiny and demand for accountability on everything from procurement and IT investment, to service delivery and financial reporting.

Federal Government

These challenges are fuelling opportunities to explore new, transformational processes that can help improve efficiencies, streamline delivery of services and reduce operational risk. Whether replacing aging infrastructure, integrating departmental functions, enabling innovation in self-service models, or exploring alternative funding models, federal governments today want results-oriented, practical approaches to meeting your constituents’ needs.


KPMG has a long history working with the federal government in meeting these challenges. Our cross-functional team of advisors can help you explore efficiency gains in such areas as procurement, IT, costing, finance and change management, among others.

Our Services

We work with a broad range of government agencies to provide services in the following areas:


  • Operations improvement
  • Risk governance and control
  • Audit
  • Major project advisory
  • Back office transformation
  • Information management
  • Lifecycle costing
  • Shared services and outsourcing
  • Cultural change and communication

Our Experience

KPMG has a rich resource in our global Centres of Excellence where teams of international professionals are well-versed in issues impacting federal governments today. We can bring leading global practices to Canada to develop programs and methodologies to help your back office and front line service transformation.

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