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Technology, Media and Telecommunications 

Technology, Media and Telecommunications sectors offer unprecedented opportunities for new enterprises, as well as the means to enable some of the most successful organizations to generate extraordinary growth and shareholder value.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Opportunity brings challenge, and over the next several years companies will have to become agile to accommodate constant change, which can include:


  • Time-to-market
  • Cost of production and delivery of services
  • Product convergence and evolution
  • Customer retention
  • Operational efficiency.


Enterprises should realize that customers are now empowered; they control the value chain for products due to having instant choice, exposure to global comparisons, pooled purchasing power, and a falling need for intermediaries. 

Meeting These Challenges Head On


KPMG is prepared to help serve your needs. Our Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice has the resources to help providers of technology products and services to succeed in turbulent markets. As an industry thought leader, we can provide:


  • Insights based on experience with our clients
  • Quality service delivered by technical professionals
  • Leading professional service strategies.


Our services can help leading companies stay at the top of their markets and assist emerging companies to get the foothold they need in the market.


The networked economy is creating enormous opportunities and daunting risks for even the most experienced business organizations. Our role is to assist you in achieving sustained success by helping to reduce risk and transform your opportunities into clear and powerful results.


Brendan G. Maher

Brendan G. Maher

National Industry Leader, Technology, Media and Telecommunications


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