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While the asset management industry has seen a resurgence in growth, it is also at risk of tightening profit margins due to unprecedented demands for heightened regulatory compliance, more efficient operating structures and increased transparency relative to fund valuations, fee calculations and investor disclosures.

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With a multi-disciplinary and global team, our professionals have worked in every niche of the asset management sector, including traditional investment management, retail mutual funds, private equity, hedge funds and other alternative investments. We take a pragmatic approach to resolving your full range of risk, regulatory, operational effectiveness and customer management issues.


Risk and regulatory transformation

Improve compliance with FATCA, IFRS guidelines and other regulatory mandates by strengthening your financial reporting, corporate governance, tax compliance, audit and data analytics practices.


Operational effectiveness and efficiency

Transform your operating models and technology platforms by enhancing your financing structures, market research, modeling, pricing and due diligence practices.


Customer and channel optimization

Build more adaptable investment portfolios, provide greater product transparency and improve distribution with more sophisticated customer segmentation and customer targeting strategies.

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James Loewen

James Loewen

Partner, Audit, National Asset Management Lead, National Director, Investment Management and Funds Practice


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