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KPMG Enterprise has a new approach to strategy

KPMG Enterprise has a new approach to strategy  

By Jim Cruickshank, Senior Manager at KPMG

We have found our private company clients share something in common: they are trying to grow profitably. We have made profitable growth the focus our new business model approach to helping clients develop winning strategy. Studies have shown that businesses that have a well-executed strategic plan outperform businesses that do not — yet a large proportion of privately owned businesses do not have a structured process for developing and executing strategy. Why? The primary reason is they lack an effective, economical, structured approach. 

The StrategicFocusTM Growth Map is the foundation of our approach. It provides a framework for a systematic analysis of the business model and a basis for targeted discussions to identify specific initiatives to achieve profitable growth. At the core of this approach is understanding your company's "Value Proposition." For this purpose, we define Value Proposition as: "Why do customer segments choose to buy from us?" A clear understanding of the reasons that customers chose to buy from you helps identify steps to align the offering and unearth growth opportunities.


In our new approach, we place an emphasis on translating facilitated discussions into executable initiatives with project plans that have executive accountabilities, priorities, timeframes, resource allocation and success measures. Strategic planning is about identifying what you are going to do differently and establishing clear priorities for action. We have found that effective execution of these strategic priorities comes from project management discipline, and we have built this into our approach.


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