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At KPMG, doing something that matters is part of the job. 

We are committed to making our communities stronger, more vibrant and better places to live and work.


Community Leader is about channeling our collective experience, skills and energy to drive positive social change and enable our communities to thrive.


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Community Leadership in Action

Make it Personal

Making it Personal
KPMG supports our people's active participation in communities across the country and around the world, as part of their role with the firm.

Make it Local

Making it Local
KPMG helps address the most pressing needs in our local communities by collaborating with leading not-for-profits.

Make it National

Taking it National
Through strategic national alliances, KPMG is advancing social innovation in Canada and around the world.

Community Update

Leading the way in social innovation
KPMG is proud to work with social entrepreneurs and innovators across Canada.

KPMG travels with FTC and Me to We
KPMG people and their families experience sustainable development in Kenya and India.

Sustainability at KPMG
Sustainability is a key part of our Community Leader strategy.

KPMG's impact
KPMG's impact