Climate change is widely known to be one of the most serious challenges the world faces. Droughts, floods, cyclones, heat waves, rising food and fuel prices and a host of other problems are exacerbated by the phenomenon.

Corporate Citizenship - Environment

Political leaders from the 192 member countries of the United Nations (UN) unanimously agreed that deep cuts are needed in global carbon emissions to combat the problem.  


In response to environmental challenges, and as global citizens, we want to lead by example. So in 2008, KPMG assumed the global challenge of reducing the combined carbon emissions of its member firms by establishing the following goals:


  • 25% reduction in combined carbon footprint of all member firms by the year 2010 (base year 2007).


  • 10% reduction by 2010 of the personal impact of its professional staff, through individual awareness (the base year 2007).


KPMG in Brazil is committed to improving the environmental performance of its business, and understand that this requires the implementation of coordinated actions to reduce their carbon footprint, consumption of natural resources and generation of waste.


To achieve these goals, KPMG in Brazil will be environmentally responsible and will focus on broad awareness of its personnel, its clients and suppliers, in addition to the continuous improvement of its practices and business processes.


The first step in 2008 was the release of the environmental commitment of KPMG by its chairman, explaining KPMG International's global program for professionals in the organization (Global Green Initiatives) and then the diagnosis of KPMG's carbon footprint in Brazil and its respective dissemination:


KPMG in Brazil Carbon Footprint (base year 2007)





From the survey of the carbon emissions generated by KPMG in Brazil, the organization established its Environmental Policy and set new targets for reductions in specific items, as well as practical action and engagement, including:


  • Professional awareness campaigns, with the identification of actions through the "Living Green".
  • Distribution of manuals for consumer awareness.
  • Alerts for consumption-conscious screensavers for computers and office areas;
  • Start of the selective garbage collection program.
  • Reduction of material/paper available in internal and external training.
  • Support for pro-environment actions, such as, for example, adherence to the Junk E-Mail Effort (organized by the Government of São Paulo) and Carbon Neutralization as a result of the books at the Porto Alegre Book Fair.


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Sustainability Report 2013

Sustainability Report 2013

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