Labor and Social Security 

Economic globalization requires from companies more efficient solutions to maintain the competitiveness of their products. The competitors, formerly known and predictable, become increasingly unpredictable, creative and challenging.


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Partner, Labor and Social Security  


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To be competitive and survive in the business environment, the entrepreneur today is under pressure to increase the productivity of its enterprise, which necessarily involves the resizing of activities aimed at reducing costs. Spending on personnel and their charges becomes increasingly significant when compared to other costs. 


On the other hand, the pressure to increase personnel costs and charges tend to be more intense. The Social Security authorities have stepped up collection efforts, improving controls and introducing new administrative procedures to employers, in order to increase the efficiency of their monitoring systems. Labor Courts have been more favorable to workers' demands. 


In this context, KPMG can help overcome these challenges by providing a range of services related to issues in labor and social security, including: 


Labor and social security diagnosis 

The aim of this study is to identify evidence of noncompliance with procedures established by labor and social security laws, through interviews and discussions on the procedures adopted in these areas. 


Labor and social security review 

More detailed analysis than diagnosis, because it aims to verify the adequacy of the calculations and identify procedures that may generate risks to the company in these areas.


Outsourcing - review of procedures adopted to minimize labor and social security risks 

Outsourcing has been used frequently in order to reduce personnel costs and charges. However, if poorly conducted and controlled, it can lead to significant contingencies, which may make it unfeasible.