Tax Planning 

The business world has relied on larger and more complex structures. Companies had to adapt to this routine of invariably fast change.



Sergio Schuindt


Partner, Tax Planning


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Increasingly, the IRS cross-checks information, seeking other methods to monitor and collect data from taxpayers.


Thus, administering the tax burden, in many situations, is a matter of survival in the relentless world of business.


Reducing the tax burden requires monitoring to analyze the tax impact of a business decision, seeking to innovate on the tax planning front.


By identifying the activities and needs of clients, KPMG helps reduce the tax impact.


Our approach involves:


  • Determining the effectiveness of the corporate structure;
  • Planning the way in which the decisions and procedures can have the appropriate tax treatment;
  • Identify the best tax opportunities and explore alternatives;
  • Strategic planning and analysis of organizational structure.