Indirect Tax 

The area of Indirect Taxes at KPMG involves the tax on the production and circulation of goods and services. It covers IPI, ICMS, ISS, the Contribution to PIS/PASEP and COFINS which together represent a significant collection of our economy's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


Lucio Abrahao Monteiro Bastos


Partner, Indirect Taxes


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By involving different laws and jurisdictions, as well as maintaining levels of the effects of taxation on property, goods and services consumed by the Brazilian population, these standards are quite complex and detailed. 


This requires constant monitoring and analysis of its effects on the production chain, by competent professionals who understand deeply the practice of indirect taxes, which is an area of many changes and challenges. 


It is essential to keep up with the regulations, as small errors or omissions can result in significant financial losses.


KPMG offers a full range of services related to indirect taxes, including:


  • Revision of tax procedures required by the laws on indirect taxes.
  • Review of compliance with additional obligations required by indirect tax laws, including documentation and tax records.  
  • Tax planning strategies, applicable to the structure and/or reorganization of businesses, aiming at the reduction or deferral of taxes
  •  Advisory on professional development, through continuous or periodic training related to indirect taxes.
  • Tax advisory in reviewing the policy and criteria for the maintenance of tax credits and determining the recoverable amounts.
  • Management and uniformity of statements and returns sent to the IRS, consists of an effective means of preventing unnecessary collection of taxes or avoiding undesirable tax contingencies.
  • Permanent or specific tax advisory on the effects of indirect taxes on routine and/or atypical operations.
  • Tax advisory for implementation of control of Credits from ICMS on Permanent Assets - CIAP.


Customs Taxes - Blue Line 


The Import Duty normally is levied on the import of goods and services as part of production and/or marketing costs. However, unlike IPI and ICMS taxes, customs taxes are not recoverable.


 Scope of services:


  • Revision of the rules of the Customs Valuation Agreement.
  • Revision of rates of applicable import duties.
  • Tax planning, involving the granting of import duties, through the proper procedures for storage and import.