Corporate Tax Services 

Excellence in the quest to manage the tax burden. The Tax practice of KPMG in Brazil seeks to provide its clients with management of the total tax burden, providing greater tax savings, subject to legal restrictions.

Our contact

Our contact

Sergio Schuindt


Partner, Corporate Tax Services


 +55 11 3138-5000

Tax Advisory

The tax professionals of KPMG in Brazil are able to advise clients on the interpretation and enforcement of all taxes required by Brazilian law, taking into account tax and accounting rules, analyzing markets and investments.


Permanent Tax Advisory 

Permanent Tax Advisory aims to maintain a direct line with the client who wants to get strong support through review and consultation in the tax, labor and social security areas.


Tax Procedures Revision/Audit 

This service aims to determine whether the procedures being adopted by firms are consistent with applicable law, consisting of a review of the basis for calculating the monthly income tax, PIS, COFINS, contributions, etc. in a given period.


Corporate Income Tax Return Review 

This work consists of verifying whether the procedures followed in completing the Corporate Tax-Economic Integrated Informational Return (DIPJ) complies with the legal requirements.


Corporate Tax Committee - Preliminary and joint review of tax procedures 

We believe that a cycle of frequent meetings should be part of routine decision-making in a company. The Audit Committee arose from this need to discuss legislation and be in tune with tax requirements, anticipating problems and solutions, adding value to the issues discussed.


Our main task is to provide the possibility of being in regular contact with the most relevant topics of the tax/accounting routine, which may influence its main operations.