International Executive Services 

The International Executive Services (IES) area of KPMG in Brazil is composed by a team of professionals dedicated to helping global companies better manage their transfer programs and international workforces.



Patricia Quintas


Partner, International

Executive Services


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Market volatility and the growth of a global workforce present organizations complex challenges to the efficient management of international transfer programs.


Our professionals can provide IES services in line with our clients’ business objectives, skills, and priorities.


The IES area provides technical services for tax compliance and advisory and auxiliary services to support the global business of our clients and the expatriates. It incorporates three key areas that offer a single source to deal with issues of international business:


  • International tax compliance
  • International tax advice
  • Technology


International tax compliance


  • Monthly calculation of income earned abroad (estimated income tax return).
  • Annual Income Tax Return - Individuals.
  • Notice of final exit from the country and preparation of the Final Income Tax Return along with obtaining the Debt Clearance Certificate.
  • Report to the Central Bank of Brazil (Declaration of Foreign Capital - CBE). The report to the Central Bank must be delivered in the year following the fiscal year and shall include all assets held abroad by tax residents in Brazil with the base date of December 31st  of each year.
  • Notifications from the tax authorities - Our IES professionals are experienced in dealing with the tax authorities, and provide advice on questions and discussions raised by them, obtaining a required opinion and representing the executive during the tax audit.
  • Tax Equalization - KPMG prepares the Tax Equalization calculations based on company policies. Tax Equalization is used to achieve the objectives of the company's expatriate policy, or, in other words, to provide to expatriates virtually the same financial position, as if they were residing in their respective countries of origin.
  • Hypothetical Tax Calculation and Gross-up.
  • Certificate of initial temporary relocation and extension, for countries with which Brazil has a Social Security treaty.
  • Individual meetings upon arrival and departure from Brazil.
  • Consulting for analysis of stock option plans.
  • Processes with the IRS, responses to notices received, tax objections and tax research, rectification of Individual Taxpayers Register (CPF) and other services for individuals.


International tax advice


Our team can assist you in implementing policies and practices for expatriates, both from a tax and Human Resources perspective, aimed at achieving your corporate objectives.


In conjunction with KPMG member firms we work continuously to develop new strategies that enable the reduction of costs associated with international transfer programs. We identify and take advantage of potential savings and revenue opportunities related to taxes, both in the country of origin, and the host country.


Along with our team of international corporate tax professionals, we assist clients to identify tax efficient strategies, from business aspects involved in international transfers.




KPMG's International Executive Services offers planning based on technology developed to improve tax proceedings and international Human Resources, and assist your organization in meeting the demands of providing services to the growing global employee population.