Transaction Services 

The Transaction Services area offers services related to M&A transactions in their most advanced stage, i.e. when due diligence is necessary for the transaction to continue toward the conclusion, with the drafting of the agreement and financial payment.



José Carlos Simões


Partner, Transaction Services


 + 55 11 3940-1500

In addition to traditional due diligence services (covering the financial, tax, labor, environmental, legal, etc..), we offer clients "Vendor Due Diligence," which aims to advise the company that is selling its business or part thereof to assemble and manage the data room, and discuss critical issues and assist in the transaction. 


For investors who do not understand the various business aspects of Brazil - specific industry, market, growth potential etc., we offer the "Strategic Commercial Intelligence" product, which provides a vision to the client on various aspects of the market in which it intends to enter and start a new activity. 


Our products are developed from research conducted with companies about their needs and priorities when involved in corporate transactions.