Climate Change & Sustainability Services 

Today, the debate on matters related to climate change and sustainability have become a reality in the international arena.  Companies are increasingly pushed to incorporate sustainability into their business, and themes like natural resource scarcity, changes in consumption patterns and more effective production have been recurring on the corporate agendas. Even those companies which are following this debate from afar understand that their key stakeholders see this issue as essential, and that its incorporation into business may result in a competitive advantage, or even the continuity of their operations.  As a result, there is a new clarion call for decision makers: ensure that sustainability is a strategic lens on their companies’ core business operations.   

Our contact

Our contact

Ricardo Zibas 


Leader, Sustainability


 +55 11 2183-3000

The KPMG Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CC&S) practice relies on a cross-functional team trained to address these new requirements in a straightforward manner.


Principal lines of operation and products 


The CC&S practice’s focus is to assist organizations, of the most different sizes and from the most varied range of industries, in gaining an understanding of the sustainability scenario in which they are placed, and to identify the leading operation and sustainability data reporting strategy.  Part of this process has to do with the identification of political, regulatory and market risks, among others, and opportunities arising from this new scenario.    


Our services comprise: 


  • Diagnosis of risks and opportunities related to climate change;
  • Support companies in the consolidation of information and completion of reference questionnaires proposed by the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), among others;
  • Assessment of emissions of greenhouse gases within the supply chain and/or by product;
  • Establishment of goals and socio-environmental performance indicators  (Key Performance Indicators – KPIs);
  • Supply chain socio-environmental verification;
  • Environmental assessment and Due Diligence;
  • Definition of strategy for solid waste management;
  • Assessment of impact and quantity of hydro resources consumed by product  (water footprint);
  • Preparation and independent verification of Emission Inventories of Greenhouse Gases;
  • Independent verification of Sustainability Reports etc;


Local presence and global consistency 


Our sustainability services rely on the experience of more than 350 specialists working in approximately 40 countries, and the presence of worldwide renowned professionals, as Yvo de Boer, who worked as executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change and currently comprises the KPMG Global team.

Additionally, the CC&S Network promotes the exchange of experiences among our professionals across the world and provides high-quality services. The KPMG CC&S’s professionals are trained to use the same work methodologies in all practices, situation which ensures the same patterns and quality in the various works performed.