Corporate Governance 

Entering into the capital market and planning the succession process are just some of the challenges that have led Brazilian companies to consider the need for good practices of corporate governance. It aims both at enabling the directing and continuous monitoring Board of Directors and at improving management structure, promoting business continuity and competitive advantage.

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Our contact

Sidney Ito


Partner,  Corporate Governance 


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Considering the interest of stakeholders and addressing Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Decision-making Board, their responsibilities towards the company and its shareholders, these practices enable the increase in value and investor’s trust. Also, an appropriate corporate governance structure helps companies define their business strategies and favors the effective use of capital.


How we can help


We work with clients in the analysis and structuring of corporate governance models, including:


  • Governance Structure Analysis: we work with clients on the preparation of a governance structure analysis, including an analysis of property, management and control environment structures in comparison with the domestic and foreign governance leading practices.
  • Modeling of the Implementation and Governance Structure: in line with clients’ strategic objectives, we developed governance models to be implemented so as to achieve improvements in their reporting and decision-making processes.
  • Board Advisory: we support the Boards of Directors in defining its structure and way of operating, considering the company's specific needs and the independent directors' characteristics.
  • Self-assessment of Board of Directors and Audit Committee: based on a self-assessment, we support Boards and Committees in dealing with their activities and responsibilities in an appropriate manner, leaving a record of their operation, even to new board members.
  • IPO Advisory: we assess the level of preparation of the company for going public, identifying its needs and the adjustments to be made to its governance structure. We assist in the preparation of the Reference Form and in the structuring of the Investors Relations area and the Governance Portal.

Audit Committee Institute - ACI

Audit Committee Institute - ACI

Especially designed and dedicated to members of  Boards, Audit Boards, and Audit Committees