Financial Risk Management 

Due to the recent turbulence in global markets and its effects on economies and companies, the concerns about the financial risk have increased significantly. In this context, projects of all types and sizes require sound financial risk management structures to meet compliance requirements, support decision-making and improve the performance of institutions.

Our contact

Our contact

Lúcio Anacleto


Partner, Financial Risk Management


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Risk management, as a strategic matter, represents several long-, medium- and short-term opportunities and challenges. KPMG offers a wide range of financial risk management services. We help clients identify, assess, manage, communicate and mitigate the risks faced.


In Brazil, a group of professionals committed to the Financial Services and Risk Management sectors has developed a practical approach and provides the following services:


  • Evaluation and implementation of management structures of the Credit, Operational, Market and Liquidity Risks.
  • Capital Adequacy and Economic Capital Model.
  • Benefit and Actuarial Services.
  • Financial Instruments and Assistance with Financial Statements.
  • Basel and Solvency.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Regulatory Assistance


For these services, we work with professionals who have wide local and international experience in the components of Processes, Governance, Information Technology and statistical models, providing consistent, effective and quality services.