IT Advisory - Management Consulting 

KPMG has proven experience in management of Information Technology (IT) risks and performance, accumulated throughout our projects and with knowledge of the various business segments. We help our clients identify and manage risks related to IT and, at the same time, optimizing operational costs while maintaining the technological process updated with respect to the market.



Frank Meylan


Partner, ITAS Management Consulting


 + 55 11 3940-1500

We understand the need to stay updated technologically, but we also know the risks and responsibilities of senior management to control these costs.


Therefore, KPMG can help, offering a set of service lines that can be tailored to your specific needs:


  • IT Strategy, Governance and Performance
  • Information Security and Business Continuity
  • IT Sourcing
  • ERP Advisory
  • IT Project Advisory 




1. Extensive knowledge in the various branches of industry performance in the Brazilian market, enabling the development of strategic IT plans, aligned to business requirements.  


2. Solid experience in developing Business Cases and maximize return on IT investment, allowing performance to be measured and controlled.  


3. Assistance in obtaining greater value from major IT investments, helping to better manage the risks of implementation or upgrade. This includes integrated software packages, such as:


  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsiga


4.   Support to improve the availability, reliability, and minimization of time to recover from a serious disruption of service caused by events such as:


  • Hardware failures
  • Virus
  • Telecommunications failures
  • Other interruptions 


5. Integrated security measures to help reduce vulnerability in relation to security threats and protect information assets. 


6. Assessment of financial risks and security in due diligence processes, for processes of buying, selling, and merging companies. 


7. Coordinated knowledge of Information Technology in advisory and audit practices.


8. Comprehensive knowledge on using proprietary technologies to deliver business value and performance with controlled risks and meeting the specific regulations of each industry sector.