Business Performance Services 

The level of market dynamics and operations provides opportunities for business integration, execution of expansion plans, greater professionalization of management, among others, which often requires realignment of the organization and key processes. The agility in identifying these opportunities, as well as operational improvements, can represent a great competitive advantage.



Sergio Bento 


Partner, Business Performance Services 


 +55 11 3940-1500

The Business Performance Services team of KPMG in Brazil is fully dedicated to offer advice to improve performance of organizations. Our team works with expertise in industry sectors, supporting executives to reach their goals, with the proposition of bringing tangible and sustainable benefits in the short and long term.


Our advantage is in:


  • understanding the context and needs of our clients in the markets in which they operate, to design a customized approach to their problems; 
  • balanced use of performance improvement methodologies, with risk management and project management aspects, and with professionals certified in methodologies used globally.


Core offerings to improve performance


Financial Management 

The demand for information and the ability to produce financial statements and management reports with quality, in accordance with the rules in force and in a timely manner, has grown and will continue to grow. We support customers in their planning and budget, review of cost models, establishment of management indicators and improvement of the accounting closing process. 


Business Process Redesign and Improvement 

Countless situations require the company to make changes for market repositioning, increased productivity, changes in the product and services portfolio, alliances, and strategic use of Information Technology. To support this kind of situation, we use international methodologies developed to support projects of any nature and magnitude. These methodologies have been applied with great success in several countries, in different segments of the economy, and for numerous clients of KPMG. 


Business Effectiveness  

Analysis of a company's internal components and competencies permits modeling of a supply chain aligned to target market expectations, both in terms of responsiveness and suitability of costs. Our team has specific experience in the different industries, offering expertise and mechanisms to support your company in the identification, analysis and implementation of improvements arising from strategic changes, as well as in the design and implementation of restructuring actions and cost reduction. 


Project Management 

High complexity project management requires training and experience to reduce the risk of not complying with deadlines, deliveries that lack quality, or cost overruns. Accordingly, KPMG in Brazil has qualified professionals, worldwide standard methodology, and tools to support sophisticated management, enabling companies to structure and manage these projects consistently and proactively. 


Business Process Sourcing & Shared Services  

In the area of Evaluation of Outsourcing Services (partial or total) or Development of Shared Service Centers, we offer independent and objective advice on identifying the most appropriate solution, through diagnosis, feasibility studies, and financial and operational modeling of a Shared Services Center, until its full implementation. We support clients in the definition of the services to be outsourced or maintained, in the identification of potential suppliers, in assembling the RFP, negotiating and contracting services in the transition to the third party, and in the management of SLAs. 


Change Management 

We help clients make the effective transition of their company and employees from the current state to a future state, bringing benefits to businesses with mapping and management of risks and impacts and the increase of investments through alignment, communication, and engagement of people in the new proposition. Comprises the provision of advice to the client's active leadership in managing people and teams and organizations for the successful adoption of changes aimed at achieving necessary or desired results. 


Talent Development & Management 

We advise clients in the executive search (headhunting) processes, recruitment and selection of professionals, assessment and evaluation of competencies and references, motivation and retention plans, training, development and coaching, planning dismissals of professionals, individual and group outplacement and retirement preparation plans, tasks that require special attention and care because they are directly related to productivity, performance, and the company's internal and external image.


How can KPMG help?


KPMG operates from the design to the implementation of a solution, demonstrating commitment to the customer in sustaining project benefits.


We use multidisciplinary teams trained in:


  • Accounting and tax practices here and abroad.
  • Project management, based on concepts from the Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • KPMG's global methodologies, such as Business Performance Improvement (BPI) and Change Management.
  • Specific sectors of telecommunications, financial services, various industrial products, consumer products, retail, infrastructure, government, and agribusiness.
  • Complex organizational restructuring projects, with a strong focus on people management and conflict resolution.