Private Equity 

KPMG's Private Equity team in Brazil combines the knowledge, experience and skills of some of the market's most experienced professionals in Audit, Corporate Finance, Transaction Services, fraud investigation and assistance in litigation (Forensic), strategic and market analysis, human resources management advisory, tax and legal advisory and structuring of transactions, as well as restructuring processes, among others.

Our contact

Our contact

Marco André Almeida 


Partner, Private Equity


 +55 11 3245-8000

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the private equity sector and understands that the challenges and opportunities perceived by the private equity manager or the management of a company backed by private equity are totally different from the ones of a publicly-held company or a company managed by its owner. We have experience in providing services to private equity funds and portfolio managers.


KPMG in Brazil strives to offer clients a combination of in-depth local knowledge and international experience in operating in Brazilian market, in Latin America or in other cross-border transactions.