China Desk 

The business becomes more complex, companies must undergo changes to meet new challenges. KPMG advises Chinese companies in Brazil through its wide range of services in the areas of Audit, Tax and Advisory.

Our contact

Our contact

Daniel Lau


Director, China Desk


 +55 11 2183-3112

The China Desk of KPMG in Brazil includes bilingual professionals with extensive technical experience, who understand the circumstances and unique needs of Chinese companies or joint ventures operating in Brazil, and Brazilian companies investing in China. These professionals collaborate with other areas of our Organization, which have deep experience in specific industries, offering a variety of services in auditing and accounting, tax, risk management, transactions and other areas that influence the success of a company. This area is dedicated to helping clients succeed in the global market.


  • Focus on industry 
  • Services
  • Access to an international team
  • Knowledge, skills, relationships and networks


Industry Focus


KPMG in Brazil has experience in a broad segment of industries, including banking, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, insurance, communications, among others.




We offer services in the Audit, Tax and Advisory areas, which helps organizations access the capital markets, improve productivity, manage taxes and market challenges, and improve overall business performance.


Access to international team


KPMG in Brazil has been supporting Brazilian and Chinese companies to adapt and thrive in the global market for more than ten years. Our Organization established a worldwide network of professionals in the Chinese Practice Area to advise Chinese companies on global operations and offer local support and services for entry into the market. We offer support for Chinese customers, regardless of industry, location or business requirements. With exceptional resources and qualified professionals worldwide, we can quickly predict the changes that occur on a local basis, and respond to them almost anywhere. We bring together global teams through the identification of resources in the Chinese Practice Area combining them with qualified professionals in other service areas, consisting of more than 162,000 professionals in 155 countries around the world.


Knowledge, skills, relationships and networks


Cultural differences between the countries can change the way business is approached. We know the Brazilian, Chinese and global markets, and we help companies like yours get competitive benefits. The China Desk provides knowledge, skills, relationships and networks.