Building, Construction & Real Estate 

The Building, Construction & Real Estate (BC& RE) operations include a series of relevant issues that affect operations performed locally and internationally.



Ederson Carvalho


Lead Partner, Real Estate


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The tax and regulatory environment in which these transactions are conducted in each location (in Brazil and abroad) makes the flow of investments, loans and resources allocated considerably more complex for investors and developers.


The changing nature of the sector can have a significant impact on business, whether you are a builder, developer, investor or a corporation with significant investments in properties. 


Some challenges faced by this industry include restricted access to capital, organizational management, market retraction and management of investors' expectations. 


To operate effectively, add value and reduce costs with BC&RE transactions, it is necessary, therefore, to have thorough knowledge of the details surrounding this environment.


In this context, KPMG in Brazil can contribute. Our national and international network of industry professionals involved in BC&RE can help investors and managers who work and/or intend to work in this economic sector.