Publication series
Tax News: Minister of Finance Ordinance 370 of July, 29 2011
Automotive Executive Survey
IT industry leads the ranking of M&A in Brazil for the 4th. consecutive year
KPMG International Annual Review 2010
Global Transfer Pricing 2011
Green Power 2011
Tax News: Tax benefit for aircraft leasing contracts is extended
Sustainability Report 2009-2010
Investment in Brazil - 2011 edition
Investment in Brazil - 2011 edition - Chinese version
Competing in the Global Truck Industry
A Guide to Brazilian Oil & Gas Taxation
Tax incentive for wind power
A practical look at how Government Agencies can reduce improper payments
Global Anti-money Laundering Survey
Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Survey 2011
Focus on transparency
High-Wire act
Mergers & Acquisitions - Research 2012 - 1st quarter
The Intelligent Insurer
Infrastructure 100
Who is the Typical Fraudster?
Liquidity: A bigger challenge than capital
The chocolate of tomorrow
Mobilizing Innovation
Financial transparency in the extractive industries
Frontiers in finance
Mergers & Acquisitions - Research 2012 - 2nd quarter
KTAX - Electronic Tax Compliance
The green challenge for telecoms
Frontiers in Tax - July 2012
Provisional Measure 539 – Significant Tax Changes in Brazil
Tax News: Cofins on Importation – Provisional Measure nº 563/2012
Tax News: Changes on Pre-Export Financing (“Exportação Financiada”) Mechanism
Tax News: New tax incentives to foster manufacturing in Brazil
Tax News: Brazil - Changes to transfer pricing rules
Sustainability Report 2011
Tax News: New tax obligation for specific transactions entered into between Brazilian residents and non-residents
Tax News: Transfer Pricing
Tax News: Federal Senate Resolution No. 13 of 2012
Tax News: Changes to the Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF) legislation
Global Debt Sales Survey 2012
Care in a changing world

Publication series