KPMG Hints 

Here on this page you may find some important subjects and hints that could help you in developing your career. Check it out.


    Your career must be treated as any other project. Planning and managing your career is crucial for you to get on the road you have chosen. Therefore, you may follow some steps that will help you organize this planning.


    • Step 1: define your professional identity, i.e. your preferences.


    • Step 2: evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the career you have chosen (market).


    • Step 3: analyze your professional environment, in order to know which ways you may go to.


    • Step 4: identify career strategies, consider if you want to go back to the market or stay where you are.


    • Step 5: choose your career goals, i.e. which way you intend to go, always considering deadlines.


    • Step 6: establish career goals, in a realistic manner.


    • Step 7: evaluate the outcomes of your strategy and, from time to time, ask yourself: where would I like to be? Have I achieved my goals within the deadlines established? Based on this evaluation, you may either continue on the same road or adjust your route.


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