ACI Events 

Since its launch in Brazil, ACI holds quarterly discussion panels to address the responsibilities of boards and committees, and other topics related to corporate governance and regulatory changes.

The initiative of the discussion panels was the first tool available for ACI to fulfill its mission through lifelong learning. In these meetings, lectures are held with market experts invited by KPMG. The lectures are intended to update the public on matters such as:


  • Regulation;
  • Risk management, internal controls and audits;
  • Financial reports;
  • Updating international and national standards;
  • Corporate governance in general.


So that the dynamic is more effective, interactive polls are conducted during these meetings, which help in the perception of current issues.


The dynamic consists of listening to these audiences, identifying the most important issues and also encouraging a continuous dialogue between all participants in the process of presentation and disclosure of financial reports.


The participants of discussion panels have the opportunity to establish contact with each other, thus helping with the relationship between companies and their boards and committees in light of day-to-day challenges.